Retention Playbook

Marketing today often looks a lot more like advertising.

Money is spent on ads, SEO, PR, social to drive interest, awareness, and eyeballs. All of which are incredibly important, because consumers often look to buy from brands they trust.

The problem is there’s an over-emphasis on acquisition-boosting tactics. But, it's often at the expense of retention. As a result, the role of most marketer’s has also evolved into top-of-the-funnel specialists.

Take something that can go either way, like content. It’s applied to blog articles or social posts designed to carve out more awareness.

However, this approach is often backwards when you’re trying to grow a product.

Acquisition-based activities are still critical. But once you reach a certain scale, you can often find bigger results, faster, by tweaking the middle or bottom of the funnel, first.

The trick is to get people to stick around long enough to make a dent where it counts: the bottom line, not the top one.

Over the next few chapters, you’ll see why that distinction is essential to product success today. And you’ll see countless examples of companies, from publishers to communities to software, that have used retention to fuel growth.

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